Why is my photo quality too low?

When the photos arrive they are manually checked. If the photos are misty, out-of-focus, unclear, discoloured or other factors are reducing the ability to view facial features and/or the document text clearly, then a retry may be required. Bear in mind that all relevant information from the document should be legible and clear as well as the 'selfie' shot showing facial features clearly.

Below are some factors to help reduce the document photos being rejected:

  1. The app carefully instructs you to take the photo(s) of your document so making sure you follow the guidelines is of particular importance. 
  2. Please ensure you take a photograph of the original document and not a photocopy or scanned version.
  3. Please ensure all relevant information is clearly visible, with no objects or shadows covering any details or edges. In order to verify your document we need to be able to read all information on the document.
  4. Make sure the document is in focus and not blurred.
  5. When using the mobile app, use the green outlines on screen as guidelines when lining up the document. We can not accept a document if the photo has been taken at a significant tilt. 
  6. Ensure there is no flash or glare across the laminate obscuring the view of the information and photo.
  7. When taking the 'selfie' we can only advise you to treat this photo like you would with a passport photo. We need a 'selfie' which is in line with the camera and not at a angle. 

If you're still experiencing issues with the upload of your document please contact our help desk on: 0330 60 60 732

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