I am shown a message stating that Digidentity was unable to verify my identity, what now?

Based on the information you have provided so far, we were unable to gather a sufficient amount of information to prove who you are. This is usually due to a limited UK credit file, meaning we don't have enough information to draw upon in order to prove that your identity is real and active.

To resolve this, we advise you to check the following:

* Did you fail to mention that your name changed? (e.g. due to getting married.)
* If your name changed recently but you were not asked to provide your previous name, we recommend adding this as extra.
* Check that the address information you provided has been filled into the correct fields and matches the details associated with your financial information.
* If applicable, please add a previous UK address if you have moved fairly recently or any other registered addresses you may have tied to your financial details.

From your profile page, click 'Update my details' or 'Update address details' to edit existing/ add new information. Once you have confirmed this, look for the section in your profile called 'Pending Products'. If you see a 'Continue' link for GOV.UK Verify, it means that we have successfully generated enough information for you to proceed with the next stage.

Should you have provided all relevant information and you cannot continue, we advise you to return to the GOV.UK website you were trying to access for an alternative method of accessing the service you require.

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