Why is my UK driving licence being rejected?

The government database used to compare driving licence details is reporting that it is not possible to verify your document. There may be a number of reasons for this, but we do advise you to double check the following with regards to entering the information:

  1. We can only verify the details of UK issued photocard driving licence (in date or up to six months past expiry).
  2. All fields are case sensitive and should match the information from the licence exactly.
  3. Enter all names from your licence into the relevant fields. Please also check that the pre-filled date of birth is correct.
  4. Both the issue and expiry date required are stated on the front of your photocard.
  5. Enter the postcode stated on the front of your photocard. If your verification fails, you could try entering a recent postcode if you have moved since renewing your licence.

If all details have been entered correctly and the licence verification continues to be unsuccessful, it may still be possible for you to complete registration by verifying a different identity document. To check if you can proceed without a licence, you can select the ‘Back’ link and state 'NO, I DON'T' to having a driving licence.

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