How do I set up 2-factor authentication with the Digidentity app?

You can download our free Digidentity app from the relevant app store on your device by searching for 'Digidentity'. Alternatively you can download it directly from the following links:


Now the app is installed, return to your internet browser.

1. Select the option to receive your codes via the 'Authenticator App'.
2. If using your laptop/PC for the internet, open the app and select the 'Secure My Account' option. A camera will appear in order to scan the QR code shown on your computer screen. If using the same smartphone/tablet for your internet browser, the app will automatically open on your device when you tap the 'OPEN APP' button.
3. You will receive an ID on the app with a confirmation code refreshing every 30 seconds. Enter the current code into the empty box in registration, then confirm.

The Digidentity Authenticator app will now be activated and you can proceed with registration. Each time you log in, go to the 'My Authenticators' section on the app and enter in the code currently showing.


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