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Contacting us with feedback

At Digidentity we do our best to ensure that we provide the best services and products possible. We do understand that sometimes users may want to pass on their feedback and concerns. In the event you wish to comment about the services we offer, you are able to contact us with more details.

How can you get in touch?

You are able to contact us via email, chat and telephone. The details of which are as follows:


Chat can be accessed via our website

Telephone: 0330 60 60 732

How we handle your feedback/comments?

Any information we receive regarding our services or products is taken seriously in order to improve our overall service. We do our best to treat all users with respect, and genuine understanding of the importance of their situation, with the ultimate aim of helping and resolving any issues.

First point of contact

The first point of contact will be our one of our dedicated support agents, where any concerns or feedback you have will be responded to as quickly and clearly as possible.  In handling your enquiry our team will also ensure that your provided feedback or information is passed on to the correct channels and is  available for the review and evaluation of our services. All information will be recorded via email if this was not the primary method of contact.

Our support agents are trained and able to respond to almost all enquiries.

Second point of contact

In the event you are not satisfied with the response you have received your details will be forwarded to the next available supervisor, who will investigate the case further and respond to you personally. It may be necessary for the supervisor dealing with your enquiry to consult with others regarding the details of your enquiry, or to request more expert advice. The details of your enquiry will be treated with respect at all times with the aim of resolving your issues or concerns.

In the unlikely event your concern, feedback or issue is more serious it will be passed onto the management to deal with. This will be determined by the supervisor handling your case.

Last Update:
18 January 2016

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