How does Digidentity verify my identity?

Digidentity verifies your identity through two main avenues.

The first is with your personal details. Once your personal details have been provided, they are checked against a trusted source, which consists of ‘known information’. This source information is taken from your personal and financial history, and includes data from a credit file. This is NOT a credit reference or rating.

The second is with your evidence documents. During the registration, you'll be asked to provide a few documents such as a driving licence, passport, ID card, credit/debit card or mobile phone contract. These documents are verified via the approved GOV.UK Verify methods. Not all of these documents are required. 

Passports, driving licences and national identity cards may have to be uploaded via our Digidentity app. When using the Digidentity app for verification, a photo of yourself and a photo of the document is required. Once uploaded, a manual check will be performed to finalise the verification of your documents.

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