Why is my mobile phone contract being rejected?

We can only verify mobile phone contracts with Three, Vodafone and O2 at this time.

If you find that the details of your mobile phone contract cannot be verified, we advise you to check the following.

1. Check the names you provided for your personal details are matching those listed on your contract. If your contract doesn't list a middle name for example, you can edit your name by selecting ‘Update my details’ on your profile page.
2. Ensure that you have selected the billing address associated with your contract, also using the correct address format. If your address is not listed, you can choose to add the relevant address.
3. The mobile phone contract must be in your name.
4. If your mobile number is pre-filled, please make sure that it is the one associated with your contract. If incorrect, please select ‘No’ when asked if the contract is in your name. You can then follow the steps to replace the existing number with your contract number.

If you have checked that all the the details are correct and the verification continues to be unsuccessful, you could try verifying another contract that you may have in your name.

If you have not verified enough evidences so far using the manual forms, it may still be possible to proceed without mobile contract verification if you can use our Digidentity app to upload an identity document. To continue, select the ‘Back’ link and state 'NO, I DON'T' to having a mobile contract.

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