Which identification documents do I need to provide to prove my identity?

To register for a fully verified account, Digidentity has several acceptable identification document combinations. During the registration process, you will be asked what documents you can provide details of. It is possible to verify the following:

* DVLA photocard driving licence

* UK passport

* Credit or debit card ( please note we cannot verify American Express, Nationwide Visa debit or pre-paid cards)

* A second credit or debit card

* O2, Vodafone or Three mobile contract

* Non-DVLA driving licence

* Non-UK passport

* National ID card

If you are able to provide three UK documents, you can add the details using manual forms and complete registration by answering a series of identity questions based on your personal/financial history. These questions are based on information from your personal credit file.

If you are only able to provide two UK documents or have a non-UK document, you may be directed to upload an evidence using the Digidentity app. This involves taking a photo of the document and also two selfies.

During registration, please state 'YES, I DO' or 'NO, I DON'T' to having each document. You will be directed to provide the details, either manually or via the app.






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