What is two-factor authentication?

In addition to your login details for your account, you will be asked to set up two factor authentication. This adds an extra layer of security to your account, meaning there is less opportunity for unauthorised users to gain access to your profile. You can choose from two different methods:

1. Via SMS codes

You will be asked to provide your mobile number. A code will then be sent to your mobile phone device, which needs to be entered into our online system. The code should arrive right away, but will be valid for two minutes. If it takes longer than this or does not arrive initially, you can click to resend a new code.

2. Authenticator app

If you do not have a suitable mobile number or maybe have poor mobile signal, you can choose to generate the codes using our Digidentity app. Once set up, it will not rely on a mobile network or internet connection to function. The app can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet using iOS, Android or Windows software.

Once downloaded, follow the instructions on screen to set this up. Your code will then be generated in the 'My Authenticators' section on the app.





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