Why didn't I receive my SMS confirmation code?

If the SMS confirmation code isn't coming through to your mobile phone it could be because:

  • The mobile phone number was entered incorrectly, or an incorrect international dialing code was provided.
  • Your mobile device does not allow flash texts (these are different to the usual text message).
  • You are in an area that has poor signal.
  • We may have a high volume of visitors which can cause a delay in sending the code. 

To resolve the issue, please check the following:

  • Check that the relevant international dialing code has been selected and that you provided the correct mobile number.
  • If you have any messages from us, please delete them off your phone.
  • Restart your phone, then click 'Resend confirmation code' (this should send a regular text message).
  • Return to your registration at a later time to try this process again.

If you continue to experience difficulties, you can try using our Digidentity authenticator app as an alternative method of generating the codes to log in. Please see Two Factor Authentication Using the Digidentity App for more information.

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