How do I recover my two-factor authentication?

To change the two-factor authentication method through which you receive your login codes, please follow the steps below:


Firstly, go to the Digidentity login page.

1. Fill in your username or email address

2. Fill in your password

3. When asked for the security code, click 'I lost access to this code'. 

4. Provide the requested account recovery code, then click 'Continue'. 

5. Answer the security question

You will now be given the option to add a new two-factor authenticator to your account. (For mobile number recovery, please ignore step 3.)

1. You can edit the mobile number in the SMS authenticator box OR for the app click 'Add' in the Digidentity authenticator box.

2. Enter the new mobile number and click 'Update SMS authenticator' OR for the app create a name for your new authenticator, then click 'Create authenticator'.

3. Go to the ACCOUNT ACCESS section of the Digidentity app, and use the camera to scan the QR code on screen.

4. You will receive a confirmation code to your mobile or device. Enter this into the confirmation code field, then click ‘Update authenticator’.


Once recovered, you can log into your required service by signing in with GOV.UK Verify from (state that you have used Verify before). 



If you did not receive a new account recovery code automatically, you may have the option to resend this on the relevant recovery page. For any issues locating the requested original account recovery code, our help desk can resend the code to your email address. If you require this, please do not hesitate to get back in touch, also confirming your date of birth. 

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