Where can I use my account?

Once your registration has been completed successfully you can use your account to access online services associated with the GOV.UK Verify scheme. Below is a list of the services currently accessible:

* Rural Payments

* Universal Credits

* Check your State Pension

* Renew your short-term medical driving licence

* View or share your driving licence information

* Tell about a medical condition that could affect your driving

* Check or update company car tax

* Help friends or family with their tax

* Check your income tax for the current year

* Sign in to your personal tax

* Self assessment tax return

* Claim for redundancy payment


To log in, you can follow the steps below:

1. Select your service from https://www.digidentity.eu/govuk/start and sign in with GOV.UK Verify.
2. On the blue screen, select "I’ve used Verify before" and click 'Continue'.
3. When asked “Who do you have an identity account with?” select ‘Digidentity’.
4. Log in to your Digidentity account with the username and password you created previously.
5. Enter in the security code sent via mobile or app.

If after completing the registration process, you have followed the steps above, and you are asked to provide more information, this could mean that you have created an account which does meet the Assurance Level required to access that particular service. If this is the case, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Helpdesk.  


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